Sunday, 15 January 2017

Best Good Morning Poems

The sun is up and the day is new,
And here is a message just for you,
Thank you for being just who you are,
To me you are a glimmering, bright shining star.

Every morning is my chance,
To make you beam;
Every day is an opportunity,
To help you dream;
Every moment is an option,
To make you happy;
Every minute is a moment,
To love you unconditionally.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister

Good morning dear,
Wish you were here,
But even if you are there,
In my heart you are here,
Have a great day for soon we’ll be near.

Cast off all your worries and troubles of yesterday,
Promise yourself silently to make today a better day,
Now my friend, a brand new day lays before you,
Turn to it with exitement, it is a gift and is fully new,
May all your goals and wants for the day be set,
I wish you a spectacular day and a night without regret.
Good morning my friend. Have a terrific day!
Long Good Morning Poems

Good Morning Poems for Him


Morning Has Broken – by Cat Stevens

Morning has broken, like the first morning,
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird,
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,
Praise for the springing fresh from the world.

Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven,
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass,
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden,
Sprung in completeness where his feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning,
Born of the one light, eden saw play,
Praise with elation, praise every morning,
God’s recreation of the new day.

Good Morning Dear Friend

Every morning reminds me,
Of a debt that I shall never repay,
It’s the debt of your friendship,
That ever grows day by day,
But as long as I’m around,
I will strive as I can,
To give back for your support,
To you who are my fan,
Now let me give a gift,
By dedicating a poem so simple a greet,
To you my dear friend,
Cuz our friendship is truly a treat.
Good morning to you.

How I Wish

How I wish I could leap out
Of your phone’s screen
To express what your presence
In my life truly means
How I wish I could run over
To where you are now
To show you my love
And that I miss you and how
How I wish I could hug you
And share the sunrise today
Instead I’ll wish you good morning
As the sun shoots out its first ray
Good morning dear!

I Promise

I promise to always raise you up,
Whenever you are down,
I promise to wipe away your tears,
When you need them to flow out,
I promise to keep you smiling,
To show the world your light,
I promise to be your strength,
Whenever you need somewhere to lean,
I promise I will be your voice,
When the words don’t come to you,
I promise to be your eyes,
When you are unable to see,
I promise to be your ears,
When you cannot hear,
I promise to always be real to you,
When you are in need of the truth,
I promise to help you chase your dream,
When you feel they are too large,
I promise to be your smile,
When you ca’t help but frown,
I promise to listen,
When you need to speak,
I promise you my heart,
Whenever you need love,
I promise you my love,
Forever and always.

A New Day Has Come

Good morning, time to rise and shine
Another day of wondrous life is here
The hour has come to redefine
Your journey though the frontier
Beneath the sky in so coolly blue
You’ll continue down your own route
And I wish all the best for you
As you follow your pursuit,
Good morning, time to greet the dawn,
Once again life begins anew,
A fresh start has unfolded for you,
And further clarified your goals in view,
Remind yourself of the dreams of your heart,
Open the shades and bask in the sun,
Throughout the day I wish you only joy,
And may this morning be full of fun.
Good Morning My Love – by Craig Moon

Good morning, Good morning my Love
I know I just woke up,
But I want to tell you something,
as I drink my morning cup.
I really love YOU
I do? I do? I do!

And As I dream of day your with me,
I don’t know what I’d do.
So this is my way of showing you,
I believe our dreams will come true.
As I wrote this little poem to say,
I love YOU I love YOU I love YOU.
I do, I do, I do!

And may the smile that you get,
when you feel the warmth it brings,
stay with you all day,
As I know we will be happy
for the rest of our loving days….

Morning Joy – by Claude McKay

At night the wide and level stretch of wold,
Which at high noon had basked in quiet gold,
Far as the eye could see was ghostly white;
Dark was the night save for the snow’s weird light.

I drew the shades far down, crept into bed;
Hearing the cold wind moaning overhead
Through the sad pines, my soul, catching its pain,
Went sorrowing with it across the plain.

At dawn, behold! the pall of night was gone,
Save where a few shrubs melancholy, lone,
Detained a fragile shadow. Golden-lipped
The laughing grasses heaven’s sweet wine sipped.

The sun rose smiling o’er the river’s breast,
And my soul, by his happy spirit blest,
Soared like a bird to greet him in the sky,
And drew out of his heart Eternity.

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